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by | Aug 1, 2023 | Exotic Tea Guide

A fine cup of loose-leaf tea is one of the true pleasures in life, but making one isn’t as simple as you might think. The truth is, there are quite a few steps where you can go wrong and end up with a cup that doesn’t show the tea’s true potential.

Keep reading to learn more about all the things you shouldn’t do when trying to brew a nice cup of organic loose-leaf tea.

1. Don’t Use Tap Water

To truly enjoy a cup of high-quality tea, you need to be able to appreciate the subtlest flavors — but those flavors can be ruined by the various chemicals and compounds found in tap water. From chlorine and fluoride to natural sediment, there are all sorts of things in tap water that can make your tea taste off. 

For best results, use filtered water. However, if you do use tap water, be sure to use water that’s cold from the tap, not hot. Using hot water can add additional chemicals to your tea from your water heater.

2. Don’t Let the Water Get Too Hot

The whistle of a tea kettle is one of the most recognizable noises there is, but you shouldn’t be hearing it when making a cup of high-quality tea! 

Letting the water in your kettle reach a boil before pouring means you’re getting your water too hot. Water that’s at too high a temperature can leave your tea tasting bitter, and it can break down some of the health-boosting nutrients in the tea. 

Ideally, you should use water heated to the point just before a rolling boil, but the specific temperature you should aim for will vary from tea to tea.

3. Don’t Use a Standard Coffee Mug

While you probably shouldn’t be heating your water as high as you might think, it will still need to reach a relatively high temperature to steep your tea. But the thing is, you really shouldn’t be drinking any liquids at those temperatures. That means it’s important for your tea to cool down sufficiently before you drink it. 

A standard coffee mug has a narrower opening compared to a teacup, so the liquids inside don’t cool as quickly.

4. Don’t Steep for Too Long

Tannins are the compounds in tea that make it bitter. If you let your tea steep for too long, too many tannins will be released, and you’ll end up with an unpleasantly bitter cup of tea. 

The length of time you’ll need to steep your leaves will vary depending on the type of tea: black teas steep the longest at three to five minutes, then green tea at three minutes, and, finally, white teas should be steeped for just one to three minutes.

Of course, if you don’t steep for long enough, you won’t be getting all of the beneficial nutrients found in teas.

5. Don’t Add Too Many Extras

When you want to truly appreciate a fine tea, you should just drink that tea. Along with the extra calories, sugary additives mask the complex flavors found in organic teas.

Try drinking your chosen tea with nothing extra first before you start adding in sweeteners. Take time to appreciate the nuances of the flavor and experience its hidden secrets. Then, if you want a little sweetness, try adding a small amount of honey. 

Again, keep add-ons to a minimum for the best way to enjoy organic teas to the fullest.

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