The 2023 Beginner’s Guide To Exotic Teas

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by | Apr 6, 2023 | News

Tea is an incredibly popular beverage, and while most people are familiar with the common bagged varieties found on grocery shelves, there is far more to tea than you may have realized. 

For instance, proper tea is only made with leaves from the tea bush, Camellia sinensis. It is technically called an infusion if the blend doesn’t include leaves or buds from the tea plant. 

Here at Crystal CommuniTea Shop, our team wants you to enjoy the wide range of delicious and healthy teas out there. Our guide to exotic teas will give you a good idea of what options are available and their benefits to you.  

Exotic Teas in Centennial

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is made from Camellia sinensis, including black, white, and green teas. The difference is in how the tea is processed after it is picked. Many teas are left in the sun to wither and oxidize. 

Black teas are fully oxidized while white teas are not oxidized and oolong tea is somewhere in the middle. Oolong has numerous health benefits, including stimulating fat burning, and can be purchased on its own. You may find this type labeled as an oolong tea leaf or as a blend. 


Chamomile is a small, white flower that is the basis of many herbal teas. It has a mildly sweet flavor and is typically considered good for sleep and anxiety.

Because chamomile doesn’t have any caffeine on its own, it makes a great base for bedtime tea. It’s also frequently blended with other herbs or simply sold on its own, like our Egyptian Chamomile.

Nettle Teas

The nettle leaf used in tea is the same one famous for its burning sensation, known as the stinging nettle. However, the leaf no longer has this effect once dried, and, coincidentally, makes a great ingredient for teas. 

Nettle leaves are nutritious and are said to relieve pain and inflammation.  

The flavor is unique and strong for an herbal tea, so try it in a blend such as our Destress and Rest Blend. This tasty concoction combines nettle with catnip, chamomile, and elderberry to help you relax after a stressful day. 


Jasmine tea refers to tea that has been scented with jasmine petals. Many popular forms of jasmine tea are traditional tea leaves and jasmine, like our Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea. 

The ingredients in this savory drink are rolled green tea leaves and jasmine petals used for the scent. Since jasmine tea is typically made from green tea and shares many benefits, like antioxidants and possibly having benefits for your heart.

Rose Teas

Rose teas are any tea made with sections of the rose plant. The most commonly used parts include the petals, rosehips, and rose buds. Rose teas can also be blended with other popular herbal teas or may have true tea leaves added. 

A few benefits of rose teas include improved skin, strengthening your immune system, and is also believed to help prevent UTIs, which makes it a popular choice with women. 

Our rose tea Moon Goddess Blend also includes chamomile, hibiscus flower, raspberry leaf, and Moroccan mint shotgun green tea. 


Lavender is very popular for its soothing scent and also makes for a wonderful tea. The most common variety is English lavender, and it can be found in many herbal blends. 

Lavender offers a floral taste to any tea to which it is added and is believed to help with relieving stress and anxiety. Our Zen Blend combines lavender with chamomile, lemon balm, and Moroccan mint shotgun green tea leaves. 

Discover the World of Tea

If you want to try out some new exotic teas, the Crystal CommuniTea Shop is your top choice for tea in Centennial, Colorado. We offer a wide range of blends, or you can buy a selection of tea leaves and herbs to create a custom blend that matches your taste. 

We’re also constantly creating new combinations of teas, so be sure to keep up with us on Facebook to learn more about all the amazing options we offer!

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