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by | Jul 3, 2023 | Crystals For Wellness

From enhanced clarity to swelling gratitude, there are all different sorts of effects that people hope to achieve by wearing crystals. One of the most meaningful uses of crystals is to restore our spiritual health.

If you’ve been struggling with your spirituality, holding certain crystals close to you throughout the day can have a healing effect. Keep reading our guide on how to harness the power of crystals for spiritual healing. Then, find the spiritual healing supplies you need with a visit to Crystal CommuniTea tea and crystal shop in Centennial.

Obsidian for Spiritual Protection

Obsidian is a black stone that is said to provide powerful protection against forces that can harm our emotional and spiritual well-being. Obsidian offers a shield against negativity, both physical and emotional, and helps to resolve emotional blockages. Wearing obsidian can help you experience more clarity and feel more compassion and strength. 

Perhaps most importantly, obsidian can help provide spiritual healing by helping us rediscover our true sense of self.

Jasper for Spiritual Nourishment

Jasper is believed to offer nourishment and care to the spirit, helping to empower it in our everyday lives. Channeling jasper can help you stay present and engaged, even during times of stress. 

By wearing jasper, you can offer yourself protection against negative energy and emotions. Especially during difficult times, jasper can help you feel more courageous and confident while boosting your quick thinking.

Amethyst for Spiritual Wisdom

Amethyst is a purple stone known both for its beauty and its association with wisdom and knowledge. Rather than helping protect from outside negativity like obsidian, amethyst helps clear internal negativity and conflict. Amethyst is said to help center humility and sincerity while strengthening your spiritual wisdom. 

Wearing amethyst can help you identify healthy choices and find the willpower to make those choices. It’s also said that amethysts can help you sleep peacefully and provide clarity on the meaning of your dreams.

Moonstone for Spiritual Growth

This pearlescent stone is associated with new beginnings and spiritual growth. Moonstones help boost inner strength and progress while relieving the feelings of stress and uncertainty that often come along with starting something new. 

Channeling moonstones can help you successfully move forward in life, encouraging good fortune and accomplishments. Finally, moonstones are said to improve positive thinking and intuition while providing new inspiration.

Tiger’s Eye for Spiritual Comfort

Along with their striking appearance, tiger’s eye stones are also known for their ability to help relieve the mind, the spirit, and the body of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. 

Wearing tiger’s eye stones close to the skin throughout the day can help boost harmony and spiritual balance. Like amethysts, tiger’s eye stones may also help you make clearer, more active decisions.

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