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Tea and Crystals for the Littleton Area

The team here at Crystal CommuniTea Shop in Centennial works to provide high-quality spiritual healing and metaphysical supplies to Littleton residents, including organic teas and spiritual crystals.

Cleansing Your Body

Our selection of organic teas offers physical cleansing for the body, clearing away the toxins left by food additives and unhealthy habits. With our clarifying crystals, you can help cleanse your spirit, letting you focus on health and serenity.

Nurturing Your Spirit

With crystals for spiritual healing, you can unlock focus and abundance in your life, helping you to appreciate the moment. Our nourishing organic teas can help soothe and relax you, allowing for deeper spiritual experiences.

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Our Products

Crystals and Stones

From spiritual clarity to acceptance and wisdom, crystals and stones can be used to facilitate a wide variety of spiritual goals. Choose from stones, rings, and more.

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Tea Blends

Made from organic loose components, our selection of detoxifying and rejuvenating loose-leaf teas is sure to nourish your body and treat your taste buds.

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Sage Offerings

Whether you’re trying to facilitate a stronger spiritual experience or purify and harmonize a space or a group of people, we have sage offerings for you.

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Grassroots California Hats

Channeling the energies and attitudes of counterculture movements, Grassroots California hats combine style with spiritual awareness.

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How Crystals and Teas Can Help Improve Your Life

Both crystals and teas can offer powerful spiritual effects to those who use them. Crystals can be worn against the skin as jewelry or be carried in a pocket or purse to lend their energy and support spiritual awareness throughout your day. Teas can offer a meditation-like experience along with their own detoxifying effects.


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