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Meet your spiritual goals and achieve spiritual healing with teas and crystals from the team at your metaphysical supply store, Crystal CommuniTea Shop in Centennial.

Clarifying Your Body

Our organic teas contain natural antioxidants to help cleanse and detoxify your body, helping clear the harmful effects of things like food additives and smoking. Our crystals can help support spiritual cleansing and clarity, helping you achieve your spiritual goals.

Uplifting Your Spirit

From channeling wisdom and abundance to bringing more focus and insight to your life, crystals can help you foster a wide range of positive spiritual effects. Our teas, too, can help you center yourself, supporting relaxation and presence.

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Our Spiritual Products

Tea Blends

We offer a wide selection of organic teas, providing a range of detoxifying and rejuvenating effects as you treat your body and your taste buds.

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Crystals and Stones

No matter what your spiritual needs may be, we can help you find a crystal or stone to support you. Choose from stones, rings, and more.

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Grassroots California Hats

Here at Crystal CommuniTea, we channel the energy of counterculture movements with our Grassroots California hats, supporting spiritual lifestyles.

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Sage Offerings

Whether you need to clarify a space or harmonize group energies, we provide sage offerings to help facilitate spiritual experiences.

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How Crystals and Teas Work To Support Your Spiritual Life

Both crystals and teas can offer awesome spiritual properties to those who wish to feel their power. You can feel the effects of crystals by carrying them close to your skin, either in a pocket or purse or as a piece of jewelry. Teas, on the other hand, offer their effects both immediately and over time: you can use the experience of drinking your tea as a kind of meditation and spiritual experience, and you can continue to see the tea’s effects throughout your day.


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