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Tea and Crystal Shop for the Greenwood Village Area

At Crystal CommuniTea Shop in Centennial, we provide high-quality spiritual healing supplies to Greenwood Village, ranging from organic tea options and sage offerings to crystals and stones.

Nourishing Your Spirit

Our selection of delicious organic tea blends can help soothe and relax, allowing you to open your senses and appreciate the moment. Our beautiful crystals and stones help to unlock focus and abundance in your life, facilitating your spiritual goals.

Clarifying Your Body

Tea contains natural antioxidants that work to clear your body of harmful toxins left over from food additives, smoking, drinking, or getting too much caffeine. Our crystals can also help you achieve clarity in your life, bringing spiritual cleansing.

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Our Products

Tea Blends

Come see us to check out our wide selection of rejuvenating and detoxifying organic loose-leaf tea blends. Find the green, white, or black tea for your perfect cup.

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Crystals and Stones

No matter what your spiritual goals may be, you can find a crystal to help facilitate them here at Crystal CommuniTea. Find rings, pendants, stones, and more.

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Sage Offerings

We provide purifying and harmonizing sage offerings to help cleanse spaces and group energies. Sage also helps facilitate spiritual experiences.

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Grassroots California Hats

Spirituality and counterculture movements often go hand in hand, so it makes sense that you can find these Grassroots California hats at our spiritual supply store.

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How Crystals and Teas Work to Support Your Spiritual Wellbeing

Both crystals and teas can offer powerful spiritual results to those who use them. Teas offer a meditation-like experience along with detoxification and focus. Crystals can be worn as jewelry or be carried in a pocket or purse to help foster their own spiritual effects depending on the strengths of that type of crystal. The team at Crystal CommuniTea can help you pick the right crystal or tea for your needs.


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